About Us

At Roxiticus Ventures, we combine the experience, resources and leadership to fund and grow your business.

About Our Name

“Roxiticus”  /rak-sit’-e-kus/

Our firm is named for a scenic valley in Morris and Somerset Counties, New Jersey.   The valley holds the headwaters of the north branch of the Raritan River.   The Roxiticus Valley now makes up much of the Ralston are of Mendham, New jersey.   A winding and rolling Roxiticus Road travels past the farms and estates in the valley reach from Mendham to Far Hills.

The name Roxiticus originates as an Indian name.   The valley was a place for meetings of the Minnisink Indians, part of the Lenni Lenape Nation and a family of Algonquian tribes.   The Roxiticus name symbolizes the coming together of the tribes’ elders.

This beautiful valley, once a sacred meeting place for respected leaders to come together for council, planning and problem solving was the inspiration for our organization and mission.

We are proud to share the Roxiticus name and to draw inspiration from this unique place and its special meaning.

Our History

Founded in 1998 by successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, Roxiticus Ventures has focused on supporting entrepreneurs in their efforts to launch, finance and grow a successful business.

Since our founding we have helped dozens of businesses resolve the “chicken or egg” problem that is always at play in a new business…the challenge of getting enough capital to prove the business concept or proving that the business is worthy of investment capital to actually get the business off the ground.

Our focus and specialty is in helping businesses launch, providing the resources to develop the business and commercialize its offerings and transitioning the business to growth and profitability.

Our investment funds, supported by successful business leaders and industry experts, rally the resources to move businesses through those critical first rounds of financing and organizational development.

During the last two decades we have provided seed capital to dozens of businesses some of which have achieved great success with high ROI for investors and principals.

Broad Expertise

Capital Raising

Roxiticus Ventures leverages our network of investor and lending relationships to raise equity and debt capital for our clients.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Roxiticus Ventures provides tailored advice on clients’ acquisition, divestiture, merger, business separation, and shareholder relations initiatives.

Financial Restructuring

Roxiticus Ventures provides advice and support in turnaround, distressed, and bankruptcy situations, to generate optimal outcomes for stakeholders.

Capital Structure Optimization

Roxiticus Ventures provides thoughtful and clear advice on all aspects of capital structure optimization, and capital raising and structuring.

Our Approach

With every investment we make, we take an active supporting role in developing the business, expanding opportunity, collaborating with management to assure the success of the business.

Roxiticus Ventures seeks to create long-term, win/win relationships by delivering value in more ways than just financial support.

The experience of our team, the wisdom of our investors, and network of contacts, professionals and supporters become a foundation on which great companies can be built.

We are willing to roll up our sleeves and do what ever is necessary to meet the objectives of our portfolio companies and partners.