Business Planning Meeting

It’s unfortunate but most business plans don’t have a chance of ever being appropriately capitalized, and we don’t want that to happen to you.

Often entrepreneurs aren’t aware of what it takes to interest an investor and they don’t know what’s missing from their business, from an investor presentation or from a business plan to make it more appealing.

Investors, while flush with funds, are highly selective and averse to taking risks on businesses that haven’t done their homework and don’t have their act completely together.

If you are tired of meeting with investors and getting nowhere, our One-Day Business Plan Makeover, which will allow you to present your plan to our team of experts and advisors so that we can let you know what’s missing and where you can get what you need to improve your chances of success.

We won’t your waste time or ours getting to the heart of your business and identifying what you need to improve your likelihood of attracting the right investors and team.

At Roxiticus Ventures, we are here to help you succeed in getting the funding you need to run a successful business. Our Business Plan Makeovers provide the entrepreneurial support you need to move forward with your business. There are two phases to this process:

Phase 1: Business Plan Assessment and Makeover

In this phase, we’ll work with you to create a business plan and a financial plan that will make your business financeable. Without these plans in place, getting the funding you seek will be next to impossible. You need to know how to stand out from all the other businesses looking for money, you need to demonstrate that your business is worth investing in, and you need to provide the information investors require in the manner in which they require it. The average entrepreneur doesn’t have the time or expertise to come up with a fundable business plan and often are unable to support their valuation ask.

Work with us and you can walk away with a business plan that positions you for a success in financing and you’ll know what you need to do to make your business attractive to an investor. We can work with you either in person or online. If you want to work in person, you can choose to come to our office in Far Hills, NJ or you can pay our expenses to come to you.

Phase 2: Investor Engagement Assistance

Having a strong business plan is a necessity if you want to acquire funding for your business, but even if you have that piece of the puzzle already in place, approaching and engaging with investors can feel daunting. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. In this phase, we walk with you as you seek investors. We’ll help you identify potential investors and approach them. We’ll help you prepare presentations and the documents that present your best case to the investors, and we’ll help you engage with them.

Your Next Step:

Get started today by emailing your contact information and a general description of your business to us and we’ll contact you to arrange a meeting where we will discuss making over your business plan and presentation, helping you identify target investors, and enhancing your opportunity to appropriately finance your business.

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