Argyle Data (formerly uCirrus) a technology business developing high-speed data processing technologies.

Armada Holdings, Inc. – an early stage business in the Place Based Out of Home Advertising Technology business.  Its business units include AdMeTV a digital media platform for advertising in commercial establishments.

Almega Pharmaceuticals, LLC– a early stage specialty pharmaceutical company.

CarpeVITA Holdings, Inc. –a healthcare services holding company focused on M&A in healthcare services.

CarpeVITA Precision Health, Inc. – A development company focused on personalized health and wellness.   The Company has a joint venture with European based myGenomics, Inc. called CarpeVITA Genomics.

Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCMKTS: INNV) – a specialty pharmaceutical company (INNV) selling generic and over the counter products.  Roxiticus continues to hold stock received from the sale of portfolio company, Semprae Labs.

Isite5, LLC – a mobile application developer, acquired by PayMeToConnect, Inc.

PayMeToConnect, Inc. – a marketing technology company providing coordinated mobile and location based deals to users and campaigns to advertisers.


Bear Right, LLC  an e-commerce platform selling public safety equipment. Inactive, business exited in 2018.

CarpeVITA Home Care, Inc. a healthcare services company focused on home care and private duty nursing services.

EKR Therapeutics, Inc.– a specialty pharmaceutical company providing acute care products to hospitals.  Status – Sold to Cornerstone Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CRTX).

emCrit, Inc. – a telecom software technology producer partnered with Dialogic and Intel Communications.

ESP Pharma, Inc. – Specialty pharmaceutical company sold to PDL Pharma (NASDAQ:PDLI)

Excelerant, Inc. – a technology developer and distributor focused on telecommunications equipment, applications and services.

Facsys, Inc. – a developer of Internet Fax software. Sold to Canadian-based Emfast.

Focus Point Technology – technology enabled expense management company.

Innovation Marketing – a marketing technology company focused on mobile applications used to promote products with electronic coupons.

Planet Technology Solutions, Inc. – technology developer and provider partnered with Symbol Technologies and Dialogic to provide integrated voice and data applications.  Sold to Vytek, inc. now California Amplifier (NASDAQ:CAMP).

Semprae Labs – developers and distributors of woman’s health products – Sold to Innovus Pharma (INNV).